Dr. Frankenbrown  -  5.0% ABV

This delicious brown ale recipe was created in the lab (fine. kitchen.) during a dark and stormy Halloween night (it was actually cold, sunny, and not Halloween) when this beer was brought back to life (That was actually the first time we brewed it. We have made some tweaks.) Enjoy this beer, if you dare! (it's totally fine to drink. We like it.)

Factory Pale Ale  -  5.2% ABV

This is a session beer through and through. Our pale is generously hopped with Simcoe, Cascade, Centennial, and Amarillo hops. This fruity beer delivers all of the flavor of an IPA without all the ABV.

Sunnier Days  -  4.8% ABV

This bohemian pilsner makes you long for summer. Not only summer, but your 21 year-old self summer (with better beer). This crisp, clean, and light pilsner will bring you back to the days when life was easier.

Dark Link Stout  -  6.5% ABV

There are always winners and losers. Roasted malts win this one. An excellent blend of bitter and sweet, this stout will give off coffee and chocolaty flavors that blend nicely with a light hop profile and the low esters of English yeast.

Bandits Farmhouse  -  5.2% ABV

A farmhouse ale at the lower range of alcohol content within the saison style. Fermentation temperatures reached 85 degrees over a 3-week period to bring out the banana esters that this strand of yeast is known for.

Red Rye Redemption  -  6.1% ABV

The Red RyePA is one of our favorite beers to make. The dryness of the rye malt combined with the fresh hoppiness is a perfect balance of bitter and refreshing.

Oh, Berlin!  -  4.2% ABV

This kettle sour is backed by 500 years of recipe research - with our own twist. Clean and Tart. Look out for the subtle honey and a round, fresh blackberry kick.

Dubble Date  -  6.3% ABV

This beer is everything you want in a date. Dark fruits, Belgian spices, and a full body. What more could you ask for?

Tango  -  6.7% ABV

Sexy, Sultry, and Shocking - this mango kettle sour will put your taste buds through 3/4 time. The dance will start with a series of complex tartness, followed by a smooth mid-section, and closing with a soft, juicy finish.

Tropical Paradise  -  4.5% ABV

This gose fermented with guava and passion fruit is an experiment in the exotic. Brewed with mostly wheat malts, the lightness of the malt background makes plenty of room for the island flavors and tropical aromas that are found in this hidden treasure of a beer.